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Poi, the Delicious, Healthy Food from Hawaii

Fresh Hawaiian poi is delicious, nutritious and fun to eat! Poi is a major staple food of Hawaii and the rest of Polynesea. This very nutritious and satisfying food is made from the taro corm.

History of Taro & Poi

Poi, the staple of the traditional Hawaiian diet, is made from Taro, an ancient root crop grown throughout the Tropics for its edible corms and leaves. Early Hawaiians not only used the Taro plant for food, but also utilized the various parts for medicinal purposes, treating ailments ranging from insect bites and fevers to heart problems and stomach disorders.

Poi was made by mashing cooked, peeled Taro corms with a stone pestle, or poi pounder. Water was added until the poi was smooth and sticky. The poi was then allowed to age and ferment, acquiring a sour tang.

The term one, two and three finger poi refers to the consistency: the thicker the poi, the fewer fingers needed to eat it. Today, poi is made by manufacturers using modern production methods. It is processed at night, so that fresh poi can be brought to the markets in the early morning.

Nutritional Aspects of Poi

Poi was not only the staple carbohydrate in the diet of the early Hawaiians, but also served as an excellent source of vitamin B, calcium and phosphorus. Because of its small starch grains, poi is an easily-digested carbohydrate—an excellent choice for infants, the elderly and those who must chose their diets carefully. In addition, poi has been found to be practically non-allergenic.

Those allergic to milk or grains such as wheat and rice can often enjoy poi with no adverse reaction.

Shipping Poi

We ship only same-day fresh poi. We use US Mail Express Mail for shipping, and it takes 2-3 days for delivery to most states. Same-day fresh poi is ONLY available and shipped on Monday.  Plan ahead and give us plenty of time to add your order to our list so that sufficient poi is going to be available to fill your order in anticipation of the date you will need it.

Least Expensive

Our Fresh Maui Poi is the least-expensive poi available on the Internet. We never even consider selling inferior products such as dried poi. Our high-quality Maui Poi is always shipped same-day fresh! Shipped By Express Mail to Assure Quality!

ORDER YOUR MAUI POI ONLINE or call us at 808-661-1457 to place your phone order.



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