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Maui Information Pack

Maui Information Pack from Maui Direct
Plan ahead with your Maui Info Pack, containing Activity Guides, Restaurant Guides, Snorkel and Dive Info, Maui Discount Coupons, Maui Maps, Brochures, Schedules, and More...

What They're Saying About Us:

"Scott, We just returned home from our Maui vacation and I just wanted to let you know how helpful the information was that I ordered from you. We used a lot of the coupons and the magazines were so helpful finding our way around the island. It was our fourth trip to Maui and I wish we would have had this information the first time!!! Thanks again, Debbie P."

Hawaii Information Service

Your Maui Info Pack Will Include As Many of the Publications From the Following List As We Can Fit In (and are currently available), As Well As Lots Of Maps.

Lots of High-End Maui Publications

Maui Information Packs

It's all here... in your Maui Info Pack... Just $10.99 (Airmail S+H Added)

ORDER YOUR MAUI INFORMATION PACK ONLINE or call us at 808-661-1457 to place your phone order.


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