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Road to Hana Self-Guided Tours


Maui's World-Famous Road to Hana

An incredible fifty-two mile drive through 617 curves and over 56 bridges through the most breathtaking scenery in all of Maui. Begin in Kahului, Maui's commercial center, and end in the Hana area, the Shangri-la of Hawaii.

Explore unconquerable precipices, wave-thrashed shores, sculptured streams and verdant rain forests. Visit tropical gardens, freshwater caves, historic churches, Charles Lindbergh's grave, and gold, black and red sand beaches.

Witness ancient Hawaiian civilization through legends, folklore, sacred temple sites and burial grounds. Hike along centuries-old coastal trails.

Your Self-Guided Hana Highway Tour on CD is available now at just $18.50 ($7.95 S&H) (Includes Detailed Driving Map)

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